Welcome to Hanno Hina-Kazari  !!

What is  Hina-Kazari

"Hina-kazari " is to display girls' healthy growth and happiness on the day of March 3 Hina matsuri, decorating Ohina-sama.

The Hanno Hina-kazari exhibition is an event that over 100 shops in Hanno City will exhibit Hina-kazari and let everyone know the beauty.

The main venue is the Kinujin of Hanno tangible cultural property, and beautiful Hina-kazari will impress you.

You can see it for free, so please go through many venues by all means.


※The exhibition time varies according to exhibitors.

Please note that there are many stores closed on Mondays.

  Kinujin Hina-kazari    

Hanno tangible cultural property Kinujin.

Address:2-3, Honchō, Hanno

Held  Period:Feb.20 ~ Mar.11

open:10:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m.


Public Transportation:

Seibu Ikebukuro Line:get off at Hannō station North Exit and walk for 10 minutes.

JR Hachikō Line:get off at Higashi-Hannō Station West Exit and walk  for 15 minutes.






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